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Yelp Nashville treasure trove of honest reviews

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - September 27, 2017

Yelp Nashville treasure trove of honest reviews

Yelp is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: YELP) with staggeringly impressive numbers just a baker’s dozen (13) years from its founding. Yelp communities span more than 30 countries with some 135 million reviews on everything from coffee shops, maid cleaning and gourmet dining to boutiques, hair salons and nearly every retail and service business under the sun.

In many areas like Nashville, Tennessee, (Yelp Nashville) the word-of-mouth unsolicited reviews by real people are the best guide for other consumers seeking a wonderful customer experience. One can learn a tremendous amount of information like price, quality and reliability or level of customer service from Yelp reviews.

While Yelp generates its own revenue from selling ads to local businesses, those paid advertisers have no control over the reviews. Automated software is used to recommend the most helpful reviews, and it has nothing to do with whether or not the business being reviewed is an advertiser. Objectivity is huge on Yelp, which can be accessed via iPhone, Android and other devices. While events, lists and the capability to “talk” with other Yelpers are available, it’s the reviews that interest most visitors to a site.

Yelp Nashville Reviews

In and around Nashville, the Yelp reviews for restaurants are in the thousands with few garnering a cumulative five stars. Additionally, there are Yelp reviews and information on services like:

  • car washes
  • movers
  • auto repair
  • painters
  • doctors
  • home cleaning
  • electricians
  • nail salons
  • plumbers
  • … and more.


Some of the maid cleaning businesses do have a solid 5-star cumulative rating, which is extraordinary, all things considered. Yelp Nashville also has some fun events and activity on its home page, like business openings and a review of the day.
Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the most powerful motivators for someone to try something, like a restaurant or maid cleaning service, perhaps for the first time. It’s an exciting way to discover new businesses and services, and as one peruses Yelp Nashville, that same someone can submit an honest review to help others. Possibly the most dominant review site in the country, Yelp Nashville continues to grow and offers a wonderful avenue of honest evaluations.

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