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Use This Online Calculator For Your House Cleaning Service Quote.

Get a Quote for the most Valuable Maid Service in Nashville, Nashville House Cleaning Rates

House Cleaning Base Rates in Nashville

Homes under 600 sqft $175

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Homes 601 to 1200 sqft $225

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Homes 1201 to 1800 sqft $275

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Homes 1801 to 2400 sqft $350

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Homes 2401 to 3000 sqft $410

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Homes 3001 to 3400 sqft $460

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Fill out the form with your service requirements information for an immediate quote, do not forget to put the SQFT size of your home.

You get what you pay for, and with us it is always Deep Cleaning Services.

Every single task provided comes with the highest quality work ethics using top-rated, eco-friendly products, certified by the Green Seal Organization. HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners are safe and 99.97% free of allergens. Protect your family and friends and enjoy a super clean house all year round.

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