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Cleaning cloth – What Kind Should I Use?

by Victor Vargas - February 4, 2016

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What kind of cleaning cloth should I use?


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What kind should I use?

There is a huge variety of wipes for use throughout the home. Here are some of the most common and often uses that be given.

There is a huge variety of wipes for use throughout the home: from the dish towel to mop, to microfiber cloths and rags, among many others. Some are made for specific tasks, while others can be used for multipurpose use in household cleaners. Below, we present some of the most common cleaning cloths.


This is usually a usually rough square cloth, used for washing small areas or can even be used to clean fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. It is also a good ally for washing soiled walls and other surfaces. It comes in a variety of fibers such as cotton (including organic cotton), ramie, silk, esparto fibers, synthetic blends, cotton blends and polyester and microfiber. Depending on the surface you have to clean, always corroborates that is right not to scratch any material.

Some pads, especially those used in the kitchen, have a small plastic tube or device in which you can put liquid soap which is dispensed by pressing the sponge and scrub with it.


In many homes, this type of cloth is produced with remnants of shirts, nightgowns or old towels. This is indeed an excellent choice to reuse old clothes, because without spending money you can fill a box with clean cloths of different materials and sizes. You will be very useful as shakers and dusting surfaces several, plus dry spills and other grooming tasks in which you will not mind getting rid of the cleaning cloth to conclude.

Wet wipes

Made of nonwoven fabric, these wipes are treated to be sufficiently durable and soft. They packaged to retain moisture, allowing clean surfaces without using water. These small areas are made to dispense a sheet at a time, and should never be washed or reused. They come with antibacterial soap and for different areas of the home like the kitchen and bathroom, there are also scented. They are great for wiping up spills quickly and easily.


These fabrics are extremely helpful for drying stains and spills on the table, since they are made of exceptionally permeable cotton. They are likewise exceptionally helpful for drying dishes. You can purchase a basic drying towel roll, or else there are in packs of 4 or more. The materials are a key device in the kitchen as they are perfect for dry sustenances, for example, vegetables or natural products or in the planning of different dishes that should be wrapped or separated.

Microfiber towel

Made of engineered fiber woven microfiber towel works adequately for a certain utilization: trap earth. You can utilize the wet or dry, and some of the time, their compelling cleaning force can hinder the requirement for a cleanser arrangement. In the kitchen, obviously, this arrangement is prescribed to lessen microscopic organisms. Microfiber materials arrive in an assortment of sizes and are prescribed to address both necessities cleaning sensitive surfaces, for example, those that are unpleasant and extreme.

Polishing cloth

When it comes time to clean or polish silver bronze arrives, soft fabrics that are sold as polishing cloths help protect the item being polished and evenly distribute the enamel (an old piece of flannel can replace such cloth). They are great for removing dust from furniture and wood surfaces. they’ll also be very useful for cleaning metal utensils, such as fine knives made of high carbon steel, or simply to shine covered.

Both microfiber cloth like an old dish towel or cloth you have in your house and no longer serves you more are all cleaning methods that are going to help clean up quick and easy way. Consider this information and put into practice! or request help from Maid Cleaning Nashville.

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