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5 House Cleaning mistakes that you should avoid!

by Victor Vargas - February 28, 2016

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Mistakes that you should avoid!


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The key to maintaining a comfortable home is clean and tidy daily, thus never have a complicated cleaning work. So to prevent arduous hours working at home, I propose to know some tips to make this job easier. It is important to understand the necessary guidelines to do the job properly, and it is why in this article we discussed the mistakes when cleaning to keep your home tidy.

Rub Stains
A glass of wine, for example, spilled on the carpet in the living room can be a misfortune, but can become irreparable damage if you start to rub the stain.
The smartest way to clean without causing stains is collected with a spoon spilled liquid and then place a damp cloth over the surface. After removing all moisture, the surface is ready for you sconces stain remover.

Clean windows on sunny days!
The worst case scenario you can choose to clean windows is a sunny day, because, following the conventional cleaning procedure, the water dries quickly and stains not slow to appear.
To avoid scratches and marks on the windows, try cleaning during cloudy days or after the sun has gone down.

Clean marbles with lemon and vinegar
When we look homemade products to clean different surfaces, lemon juice, and vinegar to clean are two great options. But if you’re ready to clean a surface of marble, limestone, travertine or onyx, then these products have to avoid them.
Do not think that being organic are light since the acid lemon and vinegar can be abrasive and damage natural surfaces.

Use cleaners as disinfectants
Not all cleaning solutions have the same objective; it is very common that when we use cleaners, we think that these also disinfected. That is a mistake made very frequently.
If you need to disinfect surfaces, then ensures that the product you use is what you need. See for yourself by reading the labels.

Not following instructions
It is critical to have the right products and materials for cleaning different surfaces in the home, as you may be using a tool that is too strong for the work that you are making.
For example, if a product instructions indicate that you need a soft cloth, do not use those abrasive as you could damage the surface.
These were five most common mistakes when cleaning a house you should avoid.
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