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How to Organize Easily? Without Spending Money!

by Victor Vargas - February 24, 2016

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How to Organize Easily


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When we organize our home, usually the idea occurs to us when we walk into a store and begin to see dream baskets, boxes lined cloth, super practical furniture and plastic containers for everything that comes to mind. The problem is that, in most cases, the disruption is not caused by lack of storage space, rather, excess accumulated objects or useless things.

To organize, most times all we need is to be willing to work, take some time and motivate us to change our lives from now on. You do not need money to buy containers or anything like that. And it’s not difficult. In fact, the more you do, the easier you’ll do.
Do not overwhelm, thinking about how much work it will require organizing your home, your closet, your kitchen, etc.

Take a deep breath and go! The only mistake you can make is … NOT START !!

First, get rid of what we do not use anymore!

The easiest way to organize is to get rid of all those things you no longer need, you do not like, that do not work, etc. “The less you have, the freer we are.” What phrase so right! If you have fewer things will be easier to order, there will be less to clean, and you know what you have and where you have it stored. Start with a quick movement around the room where you are working, and with a garbage bag in hand, put in all that is clear trash: old newspapers and magazines, dry enamels, wraps snacks, soda bottles, box pizza … If you have a recycling center near sorts the waste for recycling, but you have to let them go immediately to the recycling center in Nashville!

Then, give away or donate!

In the next step, you can afford to bless many lives! How wonderful to share our wealth with someone less fortunate, right? Think of how many people could benefit if you give those clothes you no longer wear, the furniture that only hinders you; these tires are a half-life, but you no longer want. Give everything you can, see how satisfying it is, another alternative is to donate all to Goodwill Org. And if you do not find who to give an object, you can publish it on sites like, and make some money.

Set your “launching pad.”

If you feel like a headless chicken whenever you leave the house, looking for the keys here, cell there, the packages of the kids, your handbag, lunch boxes, etc.home ., you need to establish a launch pad in home.

A launch pad is a fixed place where the whole family knows to put things you need to carry, the next day. Ideally, it is a locker-style furniture, with a compartment for each family member, but can be as simple as a dining room chair, if definitely no space. All you have to do is get used to putting your stuff there, night after night when you come home. Place a tray to put around your phone, keys, charger, coins, sunglasses, etc. So you know they will always be in the same place, waiting to leave the next day.

Put things where it makes more sense to be stored

It may not be the first place you thought. The place where you keep something must be easily accessible, and more functional. If the place you chose is not working well, change it. The idea is that your things are in “that” specific location, so you do not have hardly thought to find them.

For example, if there are different sets of keys to your home, a good place to place they could be little hooks behind the front door, but also could put them in a basket next to where you put your handbag. You must find what works for you.

Goodbye, bottles all over the bathroom!

In the bathroom often we have many containers of hair products, creams, lotions, deodorants, makeup and other personal care items. After removing everything that does not need, keep the remaining bottles in boxes of shoes lined decorative sticker paper, and put them in the sink cabinet. Or you can place metal rods in the wall (of the kind used to hang the cloth / towel), put your containers into baskets, and hanging rods. Do not forget to label your boxes or baskets to know what’s inside without opening them.

Look at the situation from another perspective

If you have the time and energy to embark on a long project (say, 6-8 hours), try out all of the room or areas you want to organize, such as your closet. Take all your clothes and shoes, dust and cleans all the objects, then reviews your clothes and take everything you no longer use. Anything you do not feel great must go. Then, look at the area and decide if you will keep everything in the place where it was stored, or if perhaps there is a better way to organize your stuff, so they are more accessible.


Similar objects belong together. For this step, you must first decide what this exactly means. It may be that all jeans are stored together, all tops, etc. Or maybe go all your casual clothes in a section of your closet while your work clothes will elsewhere. Another option is to organize your clothes by color, or organize and store combinations of full costumes ready, and even choose once and accessories you plan to use them. Think about what you most logical or practical; there is no wrong way to do it, just find your particular way to organize your world.

Buy the best quality accessories to organize your home

This is the last step in the process of organization, and it is often not necessary. But if you need to buy an accessory to organize, buy the best quality you can afford. If you followed the steps to organize correctly (eliminate the unnecessary, use containers you already have, think about the best places to store your stuff), it means the item you buy will be useful for a long time, so you’ll want to buy the best. When rearranging your closet, one of the best investments you can make is to purchase hooks / new hangers, hopefully, all the same, and remove plastic hooks that come with the clothes, or metal you get at the dry cleaning. There are many shops where you can get good quality hooks at low prices. They even sell some who have a special coating that prevents clothes from slipping and falling.
As you will see, to organize not need a big budget, even have a budget at all! And if you should buy a product, you think you’re making an investment in you. The more organized is your home and your life, you will be more efficient, which will result in more free time to enjoy the things you truly love and enjoy.

Ready to be Cleaning

Finally, you are done and ready to clean your home, a house or apartment organized is easy and quickly to be clean, another benefit is simple to access to all small areas and give additional deep cleaning. However, if you need help with the cleaning task Maid Cleaning Nashville has a long experience and the highest quality.[/mpc_textblock]