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Removing tartar and stains from hard water

by Victor Vargas - February 5, 2016

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Removing Tartar and Stains From Hard Water


[mpc_textblock content_width=”100″]Do not you know how to remove plaque in the bathroom and kitchen utensils? Find out here! Maid Cleaning Nashville tells you the best way to remove the accumulated plaque.

Best Tip:
To prevent tartar buildup, we recommend periodically deleting a product uniquely formulated tartar. We advise you to always read the label and apply it to a small hit on a trial surface.

Tartar is a calcium compound that forms on the surfaces of the house that are in frequent contact with water. Although it is quite annoying, it is not as difficult to remove as they believe. Until patches of plaque adhering to the surfaces can be eliminated with proper cleaner and a little effort. Read our tips to learn how to remove tartar.
What is the best tartar remover?
Some ingredients commonly used in your home can be very effective to remove tartar. Prepare white vinegar with water in equal parts to remove tartar from appliances such as kettles or coffee. You can also use lemon juice with water in equal proportions. Many cleaning products are concrete to remove tartar from problem areas such as the toilet or the taps. If used, remember to read and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear gloves to protect your skin. We also suggest that you apply the product first in an inconspicuous area of the surface on a trial basis.

How to remove tartar from appliances?

Tea and coffee makers:

-The kettle or coffee with water and vinegar or with a scale.
-Turn on it and wait until the water boils. Leave the water in all night.
-Next, pour it morning and rinse well.
-You may have to run the coffee several times with clean water to remove any residual liquid you used for cleaning.

Washing machines and dishwashers:
-In the washing machine, see a cup of scale you have chosen in the compartment where the soap goes; for the dishwasher, put the cleaner into the base.
-Schedule a normal wash cycle, but this time it will be empty, and go!

How to remove tartar from the tub?
Plaque accumulates primarily in two places: behind the tap (especially when leaking) and in the corners of the tub, where water tends to collect. Put these tips:

-Pure vinegar is used to remove tartar, but you have to be very careful with enameled bathtubs and sinks since the acid can damage the surface.
-Vinegar applied only to the affected areas. Size and then pass a wet cloth with cleaning spray. If you prefer to play it safe, buy a scale particularly suitable for your bathroom toilets.

How to remove tartar toilet?
Learn how to get the plaque that builds up inside the toilet and under the edges can be a challenge. We leave these tips and tactics:

-Buy a more powerful cleaning, which can be perfectly used for bathrooms. Peak container placed up and apply it below the edge nearest stains, covering all surfaces.
-Leave on at least half an hour before flushing.
-If tartar is stuck, you can loosen it with a pumice stone.
-If stains persist, buys a scaler in a stronger powder having components as trisodium phosphate or sodium borate. Applying powder inside the toilet or directly on the affected areas.
-Remember that whenever you use these products with strong special agents, you have to protect your eyes and hands with goggles and gloves.

The longer you let the product work, the easier it will be to remove tartar. And it will also be a relief to the muscles of your arms you will not have to work so hard! We recommend include removal of tartar on your cleaning routine to save you time and effort in the long term.

Helpful Tips:

-It is advisable to periodically remove tartar.
-The longer you let the product work well.
-For best results, apply to the kitchen sink an exclusive product removes tartar.

How to remove the plaque from the taps?
Remove tartar from the taps in the bathroom or kitchen is often not easy, especially because they often put in the most difficult recesses. We leave some useful secrets:

-Soak a cotton ball or a rag with a good tartar remover and wraps the bobbin. It is the entire metal surface in contact with the cleaner.
-To clean the spout, fill a small cup with scale, place it under the tap so that the peak is immersed in the liquid and tie everything with a towel or cloth so that it stays in place.
-Leave it on for about an hour all tartar should go.