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What Do All Moms Want for Mother’s Day?

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - May 8, 2017

What Do All Moms Want for Mother’s Day?

Here is an extensive list of everything you could gift to the reason why you are alive:


1. Peace and quiet

Just a couple minutes of silence will truly make her smile, especially when we all call out “MOM” at least a million times a day.

2. Wine

After she cleaned up your mess and cooked everyone dinner, a nice bottle of wine would definitely soothe her hectic day.


wine for mom

3. Some chocolate

And by some I really mean 10 boxes and then some more.


chocolate for mom

4. Really good concealer

You know for those dark circles she get when she’s taking care of us through the night


5. A good set of headphones

So she can shut everyone out and relax once in a while


6. A nice massage/ facial

Everyone could use of these but especially the moms. The knots on her back are probably massive.


7. A solid espresso machine

Let’s be real…she needs that extra kick to get everything done and that early in the morning.


8. Three more hours of sleep

Make her breakfast, bring some coffee and leave her alone. Take care of your own self for a couple of hours!


9. Handmade card

Moms love these. Sentimental is the way to go. They will cry and treasure that forever.


10. A deep house clean

Now we all know no one wants to do that…so let Maid Cleaning Nashville do the job for you. Mommy will love you and the house will be perfect, just like her.


why contract a cleaning service

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