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10 Reasons to Hire Cleaning Service Business vs. an Individual

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - January 19, 2018

10 Reasons to Hire Cleaning Service Business vs. an Individual

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There are about as many approaches to buying a used car as there are to contracting with a cleaning service. The new dealer, used car-only dealer, private seller, Craigslist, and newspaper ads have used vehicles by the dozen. Cleaning services are also found on Craigslist and in newspaper ads, as well as index cards on bulletin boards, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Thumbtack, and websites like and

Craigslist began in 1995, promoting local events in the San Francisco Bay region to local friends via email distribution. Today, the very popular website can be found all over the U.S.A. and in 70 countries. It is the go-to place for many things, from jobs and apartments to farm equipment, furniture, and boats. Like any classified ad site, you must embrace a buyer-beware mentality. Just watch “Judge Judy” on television for a few episodes to see lawsuits filed by unhappy Craigslist buyers of wedding services, vehicles, and animals. In the household services category, you can find cleaning services, plus mowing, moving, and handyman services.

So, one of the big questions is whether to hire a real cleaning service business or an individual about whom you may know little or nothing at all. There are many advantages in favor of the service over the independent contractor, and here are a few:

          • Business license. Real businesses must register with the town, city, or county, which lends credibility and stability.
          • Insured and bonded. Cleaning services must carry bonds for their employees and liability insurance in the case of damage and unforeseen mistakes.
          • Services checklist. Businesses must present themselves professionally with a comprehensive and knowledgeable approach to cleaning tasks.
          • Products and equipment. Businesses tend to purchase excellent supplies and equipment that can be expensed and/or depreciated, and they bring all they need without using yours.
          • Website. There’s an adage that a business without a website is not serious about being a business. Few individuals host or pay to have a website designed and hosted.
          • Accountability. The staff in a real cleaning service is accountable to management and/or the owners, as well as the clients.
          • Worker’s Compensation. Covered by real business.
          • Rates. Fair and competitive to attract and retain good customers.
          • Wages. Fair and competitive to attract and retain good employees.
          • Commitment. With a business reputation at stake, everyone strives for excellence all the time.

          The real business cleaning service model has advantages on its side, which means you, the customer, will reap the benefits of a professionally organized and managed business like This family-owned, local American small business has a multitude of 5-star reviews on and embraces the contemporary, virtual convenience of being online 24/7. You set up appointments, make payments,¬† and provide feedback all online, so you can connect any time of day, any day of the week, from anywhere with any device. It’s so easy to set up cleaning service appointments, and it’s even easier to step into a sparkling clean home every two weeks or monthly. It’s a flat-rate cleaning service that works hard for you.

          Besides insurance, travel expenses, supplies, equipment, and labor all wrapped up in one flat price, there’s no contract. The entire enterprise has been designed and developed with customer convenience and excellence in service in mind. So, it is a buyer-beware world, and being safe rather than being sorry leads you to Deep spring cleaning is its style, and “leave the cleaning to us” is the mantra. You wouldn’t take a sick pet to someone without credentials or buy a used car without at least looking it over personally. So, come to the real business for your cleaning services and your peace of mind. is at your service.

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