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Suzanna B. / Source: Yelp

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - February 10, 2016

Suzanna B. / Source: Yelp


I’ve never written a Yelp review before, but I am so impressed with my impeccably clean home that I can’t resist! Victor told me on the phone that I would be “wowed,” and – because I’m an eternal pessimist – I was still skeptical. I’m not even kidding when I say that I walked around my apartment with my jaw on the floor … Which was totally fine bc it’s sparkling clean. The detail Yanely paid to every inch of my place is unprecedented. She even turned all of the labels of my bath products to be facing out in my shower, stacked random coins she found in order from largest to smallest and lined-up the toilet paper rolls. My only concern is that she sees my soul bc this is too perfect. I HIGHLY recommend using this service and will certainly continue to use them and only them from here on out.

yelp 5 stars

Maid Cleaning Nashville is a yelp 5 stars