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Late Cancellations or/and Reschedules

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - November 30, 2015

You can cancel or pause your service anytime, there is no contract to use our service.

Because we reserve a time especially for you, please make any schedule changes 48 hrs before of your coming service time to avoid incurring a 50% of the total service amount. We appreciate your understanding.
We charge this fee as a means to compensate our cleaning staff for the last minute cancellation.
Rescheduling an appointment within 48 hours also constitutes a cancellation.

Why do we have this policy?
This policy reimburses cleaning team members for blocking off their schedule for you.  When you book with them, they do not accept other work during that time.  If we had no cancellation fee, they would lose the income during that period.

There are no penalties or fees for canceling your service outside of the 48-hour window.