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Craigslist Nashville Pros and Cons of House Cleaning Services

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - October 10, 2017

House Cleaning from Craigslist Nashville

Pros and Cons of Maid Cleaning from Craigslist

You would not take your child to a dentist or doctor about whom you know nothing, and you probably would not hire an employee without a resume or completed application, references and an interview. Most people don’t stop someone on the street and invite him or her to change the oil in their vehicle, so what is the logic behind going to craigslist to hire a house cleaning service?

Certainly, there are fine, honest, hard-working folks who advertise on craigslist to earn money, make a living, pay their rent and provide a day’s work for a day’s pay. As hard as it may be to grasp, there are others on this well-known website who do not operate totally on the up-and-up. Like dating websites, it’s all too easy to exaggerate skills, experience, and honesty behind a computer screen.

House cleaning and maid service are commonly found in some of the services categories, but the old adage that a man’s home is his castle is as relevant today as when it was first used in Roman times, written in Latin.

Pros and Cons

It’s risky business on several fronts to take a chance on maid cleaning services. Professional services are bonded and insured, while individuals are not. It is imperative with a craigslist individual that you meet them, review everything in detail and look over their supplies and equipment for chemical content and appropriateness for the job. You must be present the entire time as a security measure, and you both take a chance — you take the chance that the cleaner will do a good job and not steal anything. The house cleaner takes the chance that you will be satisfied and pay the agreed amount for the job.

With a professional cleaning service, the advantages are tremendous:

  • screened and vetted employees
  • trained in cleaning techniques and thoroughness
  • experienced with different materials and surfaces
  • knowledgeable about cleansers
  • use HEPA filtration vacuums
  • clean with eco-friendly supplies
  • understand stain removal and carpet care
  • are bonded and insured
  • have references readily available
  • offer deep cleaning as the standard service
  • provide flat rates and no hidden fees


There may not be any more applicable industry where you get what you pay for than in maid service. Protect yourself, your stuff, your sanity and your peace of mind by contacting professional maid cleaning services when you want the best for your home and family.

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