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Cheap House Cleaning Can Hurt You

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - September 25, 2017

High Quality House Cleaning is Healthy for You and Your Wallet

The Healthy Side of High Quality House Cleaning

The cliché “you get what you pay for” may not be more applicable anywhere than in the realm of house cleaning. Quick surface dusting and wiping kitchen and bathroom counters, even running a vacuum cleaner around the middle of rooms, can give the appearance of clean while dust mites, dirt, mildew, mold and other harmful things make their home in your home.

Soft furniture and carpets, for example, are like paradise for dust mites — dark and easy to hide. Rugs routinely trap dirt, skin and hair particles and pet dander which create a smorgasbord for dust mites, those tiny creatures that cause and/or exacerbate allergies, sinus congestion, itching, coughing, breathing and sleep quality. Drapes, curtains and stuffed toys are another space for bugs to camp, and without thorough, attentive, routine, deep cleaning procedures, both your health and your furnishings are at risk.

Cheap House Cleaning Can Hurt You

Spring cleaning began as a seasonal event to air out a house stifled with wood smoke, coal fumes and stale air from winter. It has morphed into a tradition of decluttering, organizing, cleaning and getting rid of junk once a year, as well as airing out the house, but you do not need some seasonal big cleaning event when you contract with Maid Cleaning because they embrace the concept of spring cleaning on every visit. Thus, you do not need them as frequently, but more so, your home and your health reap the rewards of their professional expertise and experience. Among the many reasons for using a cleaning service which takes seriously its responsibility to provide exceptional deep cleaning methods are:

  • promote interior environment healthy conditions
  • prevent pest infestations inside your home
  • create a neat, clean atmosphere for children
  • increase personal productivity with tidy spaces
  • control the potential for dust and mildew
  • enhance social events at your place
  • free up your time and energy for work, play, travel and relaxation
  • reduce stress with a clean, healthy home
  • and more …


Beyond the dust mites, lady bugs, house flies and potential for termites are harmful cleaning chemicals which invade and can negatively impact your interior air space and your well-being. Maid Cleaning totally a contemporary, online company, which makes it convenient for you to arrange your deep cleaning appointment any time you want, and they embrace an eco-friendly approach to cleaning which spares you from encountering and breathing carcinogenic chemical cleansers.

  • All non-toxic products
  • Cleansers certified by Green Seal Organization
  • HEPA filter vacuum cleaners
  • Knowledgeable staff for which cleaner for which job
  • Conscientious deep cleaning every time
  • Pet-friendly supplies with extra attention to pet detail
  • Airbnb cleaning experience
  • Eco-friendly policies and procedures
  • Vetted, trained, professional staff

Having your home cleaned by professionals with Maid Cleaning gives you peace of mind for your health and increased longevity of your furnishings. Routine, comprehensive cleaning means you do not need it as often, and another brilliant benefit of working with Maid Cleaning is the no contract approach. Keep your home fresh and clean with the professionals, and preserve the health of you and your family, guests, friends and pets. Like the tires on your car and workout shoes on your feet, cleaning is not the place to go cheap. Maid Cleaning really is good for your health and your wallet.


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