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Allergy-Asthma Friendly Home Cleaning

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - October 27, 2023

Your Friendly Guide to Allergy-Safe Cleaning

Allergy-Asthma Friendly Cleaning

Greetings, dear homeowner! Wish to update your interior but are concerned about those naughty allergens? Living with allergic asthma can be challenging, but you can enjoy a beautiful house free from unwelcome asthma attacks if you have the correct information and resources. Ahead? Let’s get going!


-Prioritize safety!
Do you feel a twinge of asthma? Stop right away. Your closest friend is your rescue inhaler; if things don’t get better, seek medical attention.


-A Brief History of Allergies: According to the AAAAI, a variety of things, including mold and pet dander, can aggravate asthma. Flare-ups can even be brought on by specific cleaning agents or temperatures. Since each person is different, recognize your triggers and make plans appropriately.


-War Against Dust Mites: Did you know that dust mites are a major contributing factor to a considerable proportion of asthma attacks, according to AAAAI? Take these tips to defeat them:
once a week, wash bedding in hot water.
bedding free of allergies.
a comfortable temperature of 21°C (about 70°F) at home.
an air purifier with HEPA filter.
If using a vacuum is something you need to do, wear a mask and make use of a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. After cleaning, give the space a good 20 minutes to breathe.


-Mold Isn’t Brave:
We are reminded by the AAAAI that mold grows in moist areas. When dealing with it:
Wear a mask at all times (ideally N95).
Your best mold-fighting ally is a solution of detergent and water.
A vinegar spray can serve as a mold preventive after cleaning.


-Treat Your Pets Well:
Adorable pets, but what about their dander? Not in that way. Regular grooming is advised by the AAAAI to reduce dander. It can also be beneficial to keep them out of your bedroom and to store their food in airtight containers.


-Don’t Smoke: Both the CDC and AAAAI concur that smoking and asthma are incompatible. Your home and your lungs will both appreciate you if you break the habit.


-Pollen Alert: To keep things cool and pollen-free on days with high pollen counts, AAAAI advises closing windows and relying on air conditioning.


-Roach Remedy: In addition to being bothersome, roaches can aggravate asthma. The AAAAI advises them to lock their entryways, keep their kitchen spotless, and, if needed, seek professional extermination.


-Choose Carefully: If you have asthma, several industrial cleaning chemicals may be too strong for you. Seeking for products bearing the Green Seal of Approval is advised by the AAAAI. As an alternative, common household items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon can be safe and efficient cleaners.


In conclusion, cleaning takes a little more preparation when one has allergic asthma. Your living place may be kept clean and healthy with the help of these AAAAI-backed suggestions and a little mindfulness. Never forget that your health comes first. So why not start cleaning in a wise manner? Cheers to comfortable breathing and cleaning!