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Who we cleaning your home to prevent Covid-19 – Coronavirus

by Maid Cleaning Nashville - March 20, 2020

Who we cleaning your home to prevent Covid-19 – Coronavirus

What we know about the Coronavirus or COVID-19?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have spent what feels like endless hours following the CDC’s web page, attending webinars, and researching everything we could find on the newly emerged COVID-19.

— All information is subject to change as the situation continues to develop—

COVID-19 is part of a large family of coronaviruses, but one of the few that have jumped from animals to humans (such as SARS or MERS). COVID-19 is most commonly transferred via respiratory droplets from coughing/sneezing and people who are in close quarters (closer than 6 ft together), and less frequently from touching an infected surface, then touching your eyes/mouth/nose.

The CDC is encouraging people to practice social distancing to avoid “community spread.” People appear to be most contagious when they are already showing symptoms, but there is still a possibility of passing it on during the 2-14 day incubation period. Symptoms to watch out for are fever, shortness of breath, cough, and fatigue. These symptoms concerning COVID-19 are known to begin mild and develop slowly over time. Some other things to keep in mind are the virus is suspected to be able to survive airborne for up to 3 hours and may be able to survive longer in feces. At this point, it is not known to be spread to or from your pets and is not likely to be spread through food.

What we are doing?

To ensure the comfort, health, and safety of our team and clients, we have implemented some changes into our daily routines. Though many of these things are a part of our daily practice already, we are aiming to step it up a notch and be more informative with all involved.

For starters, all services will now include complete disinfecting of all high touch surfaces, including light switches, handles, doorknobs, remotes, railings, etc. After entering the building, washing hands, and applying a fresh pair of disposable gloves, disinfecting these areas is our first task. This service is mandatory and free of charge.
We will disinfect the following areas in your home:
• Doorknobs
• Light switches/lamp switches
• Handrails
• Faucet handles
• Appliance handles
• Remotes
• Cupboard handles/drawer pulls
If for any reason you do not want us to add this FREE service to your clean, please reach out and let us know.

What are we doing to protect our staff and our clients?

• Our staff will continue to wear disposable gloves throughout every clean. They will now put them on before getting their supplies out of the car and will keep them on until they put their supplies back in the car. They will also use hand sanitizer immediately after removing their gloves.
• We will continue sanitizing all towels and mop pads after every use. We will also continue to keep used towels and mop pads in a small trash bag in our cleaning buckets to keep them contained and away from other supplies. Clean towels and mop pads are always stored in a separate tote bag away from other supplies.
We will not send a sick employee to clean your home. We will also not continue purchasing masks at this time since we feel that it is far more important that they remain available for use in healthcare settings.

We are a green company and try not to be wasteful, but for the time being, our focus is directly on sanitation. This means more switching out gloves, added protective gear (masks/shoe Covers/bodysuits possibly) and, only CDC approves disinfectants. When an area needs to be “cleaned” before being “disinfected,” we will be using hot soapy water unless the surface has a specific product required.

Please allow a slightly larger window for arrival time to enable proper sanitation between cleans. Where our vacuum and tools were wiped down with disinfectant between cleans and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day before, all items will now be taken apart and wholly disinfected between each house. This includes all removable vacuum parts (hose pieces, canister, filters), all tools/brushes/cleaning product bottles, and outside of cleaning supply buckets.

We also want to mention that we have no problem cleaning while people/children are home. Many clients aren’t home when we clean, but with schools closed and businesses encouraging people to work from home we understand that more clients will be home than normal and we are completely ok with that! We are more than willing to work around you and coordinate with you so that we aren’t disruptive. If you do happen to be working from home feel free to let us know where you would like us to start cleaning, if there are any areas you want us to skip and what we should do if you are on the phone or a video call when it is time for us to vacuum.

At this time, we are to remain open for business until further notice. We will continue to do research and watch for any new info released. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail [email protected], or on Facebook under Maid Cleaning Nashville. Thanks so much for reading, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community.

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